Mabinogi II: Arena – Nexon claims global release in new report

Nexon released a new document earlier today with regards to its games lineup for Korea, in tandem with the recent 3Q financial report. The information is in Japanese, as Nexon is stock listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As you can see, there are several games for launch in 2013. Starting off will be 2 online shooters, Warface and Counter-Striker Online 2 in the 1st quarter.

Nexon 2013 lineup

For the rest, including Mabinogi II: Arena, Dota 2 (Korea + Japan) and FIFA Online 3 will launch sometime in 2013, without specific periods mentioned. Note that the report claims Counter-Strike Online 2 and Mabinogi II: Arena is set for a global launch, although not stated for 2013.. Do keep in mind that these schedules tend to change rather frequently.

Nexon 2013 lineup Nexon 2013 lineup


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