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Published on November 11th, 2012 | by cinderboy


[G*Star 2012] Infinity Hero – China dev merges LoL and Torchlight II

From the information I got and the photos I have seen so far, there are many China developers over at G*Star 2012’s B2B hall. LiMaoGame is 1 of those, and the online game being showcased to potential partners is call Infinity Hero (not Heroes). As you can see from the PvE introduction trailer below, the game basically merged elements of Torchlight II, League of Legends and some Diablo III into 1 messy puddle. It has a self-description of “world’s first multi-hero battle MMORPG”.

While not shown, the classic Dota map is teased to be in development. I just watched a China talk show on why can’t they produce a global sensation like PSY and his Gangnam Style, and the conclusion was all about creativity, originality, and tons more of those positive words. Relating back to Infinity Hero, I guess the China developers will always be in the Koreans’ footsteps, media and entertainment wise.

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as i’m korean, i can say that china have potential and telent to do more than we(koreans) did..

(forgive my poor english please…)


That is what everyone says. But still, they are satisfied with copying what others do.

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