Slam Dunk – Global pre-registration begins for 3 vs 3 basketball mobile game

DeNA recently announced that the global pre-registration phase for Slam Dunk has gone live on both Google Play and App Store. An official title based on the popular Japanese manga and anime of the same name, Slam Dunk, it is a real-time 3 vs 3 basketball game with no auto-play system. Other than recruiting the main characters such as Hanamichi Sakuragi, Kaede Rukawa and many more, players also get to revisit familiar locations. All signature moves of each players from different schools will be ready for use in matches!

App Store pre-register
Google Play pre-register

** The gameplay video above was recorded last year during Open Beta phase in China.

Real-time Battle! Various Ways to Emerge Your Basketball Skill!

Apart from Half-Court 3v3, you may enjoy numerous styles of playing such as 1v1 Solo Match, 2v2 Duo Match, Full-Court 3v3, Full-Court 5v5. Don’t forget to form a team with your friends to double the fun!

Cross-server Battle is Ready! 3 Minutes Fair Play!

Expand your group of friends; tab one button to receive all friend requests at once! Enjoy the matches with your friends anywhere and anytime. Don’t forget to select Honor Division, which represents your city before compete with the others to become the strongest basketball player in the country.

National Tournament Begins! Dominate National Champion!

Form a team with your friends and start the road to champion! Participate the 3-minute match tournament. Demonstrate your very own basketball technique, and challenge nationwide players. Fight to become the new No.1!