Seven Knights II – Pre-registration begins in South Korea for mobile MMORPG

As announced last month, Netmarble started the pre-registration phase for Seven Knights II in South Korea late yesterday after a livestream show. An authentic sequel to the original Seven Knights, this mobile MMORPG is crafted using Unreal Engine 4 with both familiar and new faces waiting for players to interact with. As of now, 35 heroes have been announced for Seven Knights II, along with various factions they belong to. Read on for more details!

• Seven Knights II takes place 20 years after the original game. The story is devised in a way where non-players of Seven Knights will enjoy while plots which did not end previously will be resolved in this sequel.

• As seen in the various trailers over the past years, Seven Knights II uses real-time action combat rather than the original turn-based mechanic. In order to provide the most realistic movements, Netmarble hired a motion capture company in Czech Republic to record all in-game actions for the game.

• Rather than just controlling 1 hero, players will eventually control a group of 4 at the same time. They call it the “real-time group battle” system.

• While the video above showcases 46 heroes, Netmarble is aiming to have 45 ready for the official launch in South Korea.

• Various different environments for players to explore in Seven Knights II, from snow lands to deserts to green forests.

• Boss raids can hold up to 8 players each time (I guess each controlling 1 hero). These bosses have the ability to reverse dire situations and players’ ultimate skills known as “Suppressor”. Both Ultimate and Suppressor skills are a big part of a new combat style and adding strategic gameplay for Seven Knights II.

• There is also a smaller 4-player raid.

• The development team claims that how players utilize different heroes combinations in a group of 4 is the “core” of Seven Knights II.

• With Seven Knights now over 6 years in service, the team said that they plan to update Seven Knights II for 10 years. Guild features and more heroes are being prepared post-launch.