Manasis Refrain – Quick look at game trailers for anime mobile RPG

Manasis Refrain is an odd mobile RPG, so do let me explain. Developed by an indie team called Inutan from China, Manasis Refrain was announced by publisher Webzen just this April. It would first have a Japan launch followed by global. An English website and Japanese Twitter account were created, but since we last checked, both were gone from the internet. We guess that the deal is off. Inutan has since found a local publisher in China, a little-known team known as Coconut Island. Seen below are some trailers we stitched up!

To summarize, players form teams of 3 characters in Manasis Refrain and take part in action combat, very similar to most JRPG titles. According to the original press release from Webzen, Manasis Refrain’s adventure will begin with an invitation from Theodoric Academy in Hakoniwashima Island. As players reach the island, they will have the chance to train in academies, meet different kinds of characters, and explore the exciting journey. The music is composed by Daisuke Achiwa, and the story written by Shimoken. Manasis Refrain looks good enough for an English launch, so hopefully we will get more news in the near future!