Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War – Quick look at new mobile strategy RPG from Neowiz

I felt like I have played this game under a different name, but perhaps it is just my imagination. Korean developer and publisher Neowiz, now well-known for its previous mobile game Brave Nine (formerly Brown Dust), recently launched Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War worldwide. A hero-collection RPG with a familiar turn-based strategic combat system, the gameplay itself has no barrier for the most casual of gamers. Based on Arthurian legend, you can expect to meet legendary characters such as Arthur (before he becomes a king) and Lancelot among many others. Gameplay video is attached below!

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Note: This video was recorded on the PC Android software BlueStacks with max settings.

Key features of Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War

Tactical Turn-based Gameplay

● Jump into the Hexagon Battlefield! A battle system that emphasizes strategy and tactics.
● Choose your Heroes wisely to make the best team for each fight.
● Create various strategies through a combination of distinct Heroes, their Elements and Rune combinations.

Over 180 Unique Heroes to Collect

● Endlessly replayable with over 180 Heroes to collect and customize
● Choose an array of Heroes with 5 different classes and 5 distinct elements.
● Strengthen and upgrade your Heroes stats and skills to overcome your enemies.
● Level up through battles, and feel a sense of accomplishment as you get stronger and unlock hidden powers.

Stunning 3D Visuals and Effects

● Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Avalon.
● Beautiful and breath-taking anime artwork inspired by Arthurian legends and mythos.
● Watch as your Heroes use different powerful skills with impressive animations and effects.

Many Engaging Game Modes

● [Adventure] Follow Arthur in his journey to protect his Kingdom against a terrible evil
● [Arena] Challenge and compete with players to prove who’s the strongest in the Arena.
● [Awakening Valley] Strengthen your Heroes by gathering Materials to awaken their hidden potential.
● [Rune Dungeon] Modify and customize your Heroes with runes collected in the Rune Dungeon. Create a totally unique Hero like no other!
● [Rift] Get your desired Heroes faster by acquiring Hero pieces in rifts.
● [Tower of Arrogance] Battle up the tower and receive various rewards for your accomplishments.
● [Guild Raids] Challenge a different powerful Raid Boss on each weekday.