Fall Guys – Mobile version of popular game announced for China market

Fall Guys is a game which just about every gamer is playing right now, especially after the battle royale fatigue. As with most popular game, the next question would be “when is the mobile version coming?”… Well fret not, as Chinese company Bilibili has announced that it has acquired the publishing rights for Fall Guys’ mobile version (let’s call it Fall Guys Mobile for now) in the China region. Bilibili is a huge company which started out with anime stuff and streaming, but it has now transitioned to all things entertainment in the past few years, going big especially in gaming. It is also the local publisher for Fall Guys’ PC version.

While details are scarce, Fall Guys Mobile is said to be developed by the original team at Mediatonic, rather than another Chinese studio using the IP to develop this title. It is not easy these days to get games approved by the Chinese regulatory, hence the game could still launch in the English market first, thought it has not been officially announced. Bilibili is accepting pre-registrations for Fall Guys Mobile on its website now, but no gameplay details have been announced. We are guessing it will be vastly similar to the PC version.