RISE – Former Netmarble staff reveals new Unreal Engine multi-platform MMORPG

Back in 2015, Netmarble launched a mobile MMORPG called Raven worldwide, developed by an internal team called STPlay. While the Korean server is still running, the global server has shut down. Since then, one of Raven’s key development staff, Yoo Seok-ho, has went on to found his own studio in 2015, NXN (stands for Neo developer eXperience Neo user emotion). Today, NXN teased its first MMORPG title, RISE, with a game prologue trailer.

While we are not sure about the story yet, here are some confirmed details. RISE is crafted using Unreal Engine (no version mentioned), and supports multiple platforms such as PC, consoles, and mobile devices. It is unknown if cross-platform gameplay will be supported. RISE is described as a story-oriented MMORPG based on medieval fantasy, and there are lofty goals for the game to enter esports as well. Gameplay wise, players will form a party of 5 members with RTS strategic elements, along with promises of large-scale battles.

According to NXN’s corporate website, motion-capture is used to direct the characters’ in-game movements. To cap off the reveal of RISE, Yoo Seok-ho, the CEO of NXN, said: “We are developing the game with the main goal of leaving emotions that can be remembered by users all over the world through realistic stories and feelings of play, and we will continue to release RISE development contents to communicate with users in the future.”