ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest – Character recommendations for resources farming

It has been 3 weeks since ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest launched in Southeast Asia, and being avid players over here at MMO Culture, we decided to provide some tips to players with regards to team lineups preparation. There are some gameplay features which will require characters from different factions, and it would be advisable to plan as early as you start the game. This is just one of many strategic features which ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest has to offer, so try the game out and experience it on your mobile devices!

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Introduction to factions in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest

1. There are 5 factions in which characters are grouped in the game, mainly: Hero, Monster, Outlaw, Other, and Martial Artist (which we have not encountered).

2. The Hero and Other factions can team up, while Monster, Outlaw and Other characters can team up in faction-specific game modes.

Which gameplay modes are faction-specific?

1. Hero X Monster is the first one, where players have to face a Hero or a Monster/Outlaw. So, only a team of full Hero characters can battle against Monster/Outlaw, and vice versa. Only by defeating these 2 teams that players can advance to the next stage for better rewards.

2. Daily resource mode – EXP Challenge, which is the dungeon where EXP bottles drop. In this mode, only Hero characters can be used. It is recommended to use Hero characters with Area of Effect (AOE) skills, as the main aim is to defeat the allocated number of clones within a limited number of rounds.

Recommended Hero: Superalloy Blackluster

One of the ultimate Hero tank characters in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, Superalloy Blackluster’s ultimate skill not only does AOE damage, but inflicts the “Injury” status on targets as well. This will allow his teammates to deal more damage to these affected enemies and hence help to defeat everyone within the round limits. A powerful ally in PVP as well due to the damage sharing ability!

Recommendation Index: ★★★★

Recommended Hero: Terrible Tornado

Legal loli with one of the strongest AOE output in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest. Her ultimate skill can deal damage to multiple enemies at once (increase the damage taken by 50%) and inflict explosive damage with passive skills.

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

3. Daily coins mode – Coin Challenge, which is the dungeon where coins drop. An essential resource used for many upgrades, coins can get quite tight further down the game. Hence, it is advisable to have a strong team of Monster + Outlaw characters. Ideally, they would have single-target special moves, as the opponent is a solo walking piggy bank…

Recommended Hero: Carnage Kabuto

This insect-like Monster character has a devastating single-target ultimate which would plummet the poor enemy into oblivion. Other than that crazy damage, his ultimate skill’s animation is really painful to watch as well, and I do pity the target receiving this punishment. Use him to quickly eliminate the strongest enemy in the opposing team!

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

Recommended Hero: Boros

The latest SSR character to join ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, Boros is only available for a limited time. There is a reason why, as this Monster is recognized as having the most powerful single-target burst damage! His ultimate skill can surely deplete the piggy bank’s health bar in one hit and help players loot more coins!

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★


It is advisable to start building your 2 teams at the earliest opportunity. While spending resources to grow 2 teams might set you back in terms of campaign progression, as they always say, slow and steady wins the race. You will be able to overtake almost all other players starting mid-game in terms of resources at your disposal. The beginning might be tough, but endure and you will reap the rewards in no time! Note that Boros will only be in the card pool until tomorrow, 10 July! Don’t miss out on this absolute Monster of a unit!

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