MARVEL Duel – New mobile CCG based on MARVEL universe launches later this week

Over 150 characters form one of the largest rosters ever in a MARVEL mobile game for a massive mobile card game experience like none other in MARVEL Duel! Activate Iron Man’s multitude of technologically-advanced armors or instill some galactic justice with Star-Lord. Awaken the power of lightning with Thor or embrace mischievous villainy with his brother Loki. Heck, bow down to evil and lead Thanos in his crazed destruction of the universe.


To experience some of the most iconic equipment in MARVEL, take flight with Rocket’s Jetpack or take aim with Hawkeye’s bow. Want to wield something darker? Try Bullseye’s Knives or even the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet on for size. With an incredible range of collectible equipment for to utilize, all players in MARVEL Duel can make sure their favorite super heroes and villains are fully-prepared for a massive battle across time and space.