ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest – Pre-download begins in SEA for new anime mobile RPG

ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, is the first-ever authorized ONE PUNCH MAN mobile game developed by Playcrab and published by Finger Fun Entertainment. Pre-download has started in Southeast Asia as of 12:00 PM today! The app can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) before the game officially opens tomorrow!

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As of today, the number of pre-registered players has exceeded 4.5 million in Southeast Asia and the game will officially launch on June 16. All players in Southeast Asia gamers can pre-download the game right now! Players who pre-register and pre-download stand a chance to win awesome game rewards, including iPhone 11 Pro Max and Nintendo Switch!

In order to thank all Southeast Asian players for their love and support shown towards ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, Genos’s CV cast Ishikawa Kaito sends his greetings via a special video as seen below. He hopes that everyone enjoys ONE PUNCH MAN too!

Overall gameplay

While the basic gameplay here is still based on classic turn-based combat, the overall experience is greatly enhanced by the colorful heroes and monsters of the ONE PUNCH MAN story. Each of them comes equipped with 2 attacks, including a normal attack and flashy, trademark ultimate skill. The story faithfully follows that of the popular One Punch Man manga/anime plot, being brought to life in a fantastic game. With a deep pool of heroes, monsters, and iconic places, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest is a game to behold!

Game gacha system

Let’s get the elephant out of the room first, as you might probably want to know more about the gacha system in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest. It is actually similar to most games’, with a standard 1x and 10x gacha draw system. SSR and SR are the chase rarities, and they are reserved for the most powerful heroes and monsters. Which will be your first?


The namesake character, Saitama (or ONE PUNCH MAN) is not a playable character in the game. He appears mainly in 2 modes: First, as a “berserk” type ultimate in normal fights, and second in a feature wholly dedicated to him known as… Saitama! Here, players can take part in various activities to obtain new strengthening items and many other bonus passives. This feature is definitely an ingenious way to add the OP Saitama into the game!

Player home system

Yet another feature to help players strengthen their heroes and monsters, the player home acts as the main social feature (other than club) in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest. You can throw parties here to invite friends and club members (they get bonus items too), a figurine collection function which provides passive bonuses, and many more features which will unlock at higher levels. Much work has been done to make this a unique feature!

Combat modes

There are many PVE and PVP modes in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, and the ones in the video below are just some of those unlocked during our 2 days of gameplay. Boss raids, solo challenges, PVP battles, guild activities… There are just so many to be done on a daily basis! I am sure there are more modes arriving soon in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest!

Pre-download now

ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest launches tomorrow (16 June) in Southeast Asia, so pre-register and pre-download the app now to be the first when the server opens!

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