Myth of World – Brief look at new Chinese mobile RPG based on local mythology

Over the years, there have been many games which used the large stable of Japanese gods and yokai as part of their theme. A classic example is Onmyoji. Not many people actually know that in Chinese mythology, there is a deep collection of such spiritual beings as well, named Classic of Mountains and Seas. The Chinese mobile RPG we are looking at, Myth of World, is based on this, with players gacha-ing them to form teams with the main character and take part in old-school skill-based turn-based combat. It launched late April in China.

Other than the classic and exquisite Chinese design of the game, Myth of World is more or less a re-skin of many other similar skill-based turn-based “strategy” games. There are indeed tactics involved, such as getting the right type of characters to activate team bonuses, using the right elements against each other, and choosing the right time to use skills. The cut-scenes and aesthetics are superb, but doesn’t offer anything interesting.