Code T – New cyberpunk mobile game teased by NetEase

NetEase recently announced quite a number of new projects and updates for their gaming products, such as Onmyoji and Project: Ragnarök among many others. However, the one which stood out and with the least details is Code T (or Theseus for the official English name), a cyberpunk-styled game which is reportedly in development for mobile devices. According to NetEase, Code T is a simulation game where crime and darkness are hiding behind the flashing neon lights of the futuristic settings. Here, players will become bounty hunters to maneuver among different forces and make their way to become “legends.”

Here is a quick preview of the current 4 characters found on the Chinese pre-registration website, with the first 2 being bounty hunters and the rest labeled as informants. I guess these are the character types, or rather classes available in Code T. Once again, there are no exact gameplay details provided by NetEase, and it will likely be months before anything concrete surfaces. Stay tuned for more updates! This is totally not Cyberpunk 2077 at all.