Blade & Soul 2 – NCsoft provides minor update for upcoming MMORPG mobile sequel

If you did not already know, NCsoft is currently developing Blade & Soul 2 for the mobile platform. This was first announced in late 2017, and you can view the past articles here. At today’s call to announce NCsoft’s financials for Jan to Mar 2020, some small details were answered. These questions were asked by investment companies and banks, and here are the compiled answers. Do note that schedules and times always change in the gaming industry especially during this few months, so take these information with a pinch of salt.

● No confirmed release schedule yet for Blade & Soul 2, though something might happen in the 4th quarter (October to December) rather than the 3rd quarter.

● There will be no effect on NCsoft’s other big mobile game, Lineage 2M, as Blade & Soul 2 is said to be targeting another group of audience.

● As the PC version of Blade & Soul performed very well overseas, the development of Blade & Soul 2 also took the overseas market into consideration.

● The team will launch Blade & Soul 2 in South Korea first before ironing out overseas plans.

Interestingly, there were no questions asked about the other 2 Blade & Soul mobile games currently in development, Blade & Soul M and Blade & Soul S. Stay tuned for updates!