Time Reverse – Quick look at newly-launched Korean mobile RPG

While there aren’t many exciting news these couple of months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new mobile game launch in South Korea caught our eyes. While Time Reverse is not totally a unique mobile RPG, we do feel that the combat system is something that can be utilized more. Other than the surface level of a gacha title, players actually prepare a team of 8 characters before heading into battle. There, they can be summoned like cards onto the field based on resources, almost similar to YuGiOh. Each of them has their role, attack, and health values. Characters with bonds will also activate combination skills too!

While the starting phase might look really easy, Time Reverse does get gradually harder when opponents gets more maximum health and their summons get more powerful. Do not let the tutorial phase fool you! Players will soon need to strategize which characters to summon onto the battlefield first. From what we were told, there will be a real-time PVP system added down the road. Pretty awesome stuff! According to news, Time Reverse is preparing for a Japan launch soon as well, although there is no news for other regions.