BLADE XLORD – New mobile JRPG launches in US and Canada

The team of Final Fantasy veterans at Applibot bring adventure to US and Canada as BLADE XLORD, the story-driven, hero-collecting RPG with over 10 million downloads in Japan, is now available on iOS and Android devices. Created by an all-star cast of talent from RPG classics, the development team features Project Lead Hisatoshi Hayakashi (Executive Producer of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, Director of Last Cloudia), Lead Artist Yukio Nakatani (Effects Artist on Chrono Trigger, Environmental Artist on Final Fantasy VII).

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Evil forces led by the villainous Quo Vadis invade the Languin Kingdom, laying waste to its castle and leaving the land in ruins. Framed for treason and forced into exile, heroes Ryde and Meryl will rebuild their home and restore justice. Recruit allies and charge into battle as the last remnants of the Alabaster Knights to defeat Quo Vadis and his plague of monsters.

Assemble a powerful army from a roster of 32 character classes and 64 weapons.

Challenge 18 fierce bosses at launch, with plans for even more strategic, intense fights in future.

Move freely on the battlefield, shifting priorities on foes and manually controlling heroes with precision and speed, or relax and let BLADE XLORD’s clever auto-battle mode take the reigns.

Life’s obligations don’t impede upon climbing the ranks, as BLADE XLORD’s idle game elements provide helpful auto-loop options. Setup heroes to repeat completed missions, to replay levels over and over until reaching a chosen limit or party failure. Low-power mode provides minimal battery drain, taking mobile devices the extra mile to grind out EXP and resources. In BLADE XLORD, there is always a feature to keep all players connected!

Reap rewards through competitive Ranking Events, encouraging competitors to see how their party fares among their rivals. Only the most powerful units with a keen battlesense will rise to the top 10, earning them the title of Decaknight in new events. Thrilling gameplay reaches an exciting crescendo through an epic score, extremely detailed 3D environments and character models, and a high fantasy world of intrigue. Download now!