Blade & Soul Revolution – First 90 minutes of gameplay before English server launches

With the English server of Blade & Soul Revolution being prepared for launch at this time, we have received some requests to showcase how the game actually plays like. There are now 3 versions of Blade & Soul Revolution running, including South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. While we have tried out the Korean server during its early days, we decided to record the first 90 minutes of gameplay in the Japan server for the voiceovers. Take a look!

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While story is a huge component for Blade & Soul Revolution, the combat is what really mesmerized us. It feels more physical and “real” in a sense, and gives players a real sense of what combat is about. This is probably caused by the many skill actions and chain moves, something not found in competitors such as Black Desert Mobile (it is still a great game). Remember to pre-register now for the English version of Blade & Soul Revolution!