Swords ‘n magic and Stuff – New casual co-op open world RPG begins Kickstarter campaign

[Kickstarter page] We don’t usually post too much of Kickstarter campaigns due to the many horror stories, but we can’t resist when a genuine product pops up. Swords ‘n magic and Stuff has actually been in development by Kindred Games since 2017, and it is getting ready for an official Steam launch this September. The game will be Buy-to-Play, and the team is seeking support to get  through the final hurdle! Take a look at this adorable title!

Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff is a cute, cooperative, open world video game centered around the joy of discovery. Players take the role of a blank slate adventurer just waiting for their chance to carve out their destiny. With no classes, levels or restrictions, players can be whoever they want to be, use whatever weapons and items they can buy, loot or craft, and play however they wish. Everyone can seek out epic adventures laden with legendary treasures or enjoy the simple life of owning a farm, crafting furniture for homes or even just traveling the world as a simple merchant. Play at your own pace with no hand-holding!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most noteworthy features in Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff to get an idea of all there is for players to experience:

● Play with your friends in networked multiplayer
● Collect and discover hundreds of items
● Use anything – No class or level restrictions
● Hands-off quests – No breadcrumbs or quest markers
● Dual wield anything
● Buy, tame and collect dozens of mounts and pets
● Seasons and weather effects
● Seasonal events and unique seasonal items
● Mini-games like tavern dice and target practice
● Join factions and rise through the ranks
● Titles that show off your accomplishments
● Build or purchase homes and furniture to decorate them with
● Fish, hunt, grow and harvest resources to cook hearty meals with
● Gather materials and craft your own furniture and weapons
● Explore a wide variety of dungeons
● PvP Arenas to test your mettle with your friends
● Collect clothes, hats and armor to customize your character
● Non-gendered character creation
● Twitch integration to get your viewers into the action
● A private, dedicated server you can host yourself
● Fully mappable keybinds and gamepad support