Kakao Games – Korean media giant announces nearly USD 20 million investment in 3 studios

Kakao Games, known by most as the publisher of Black Desert Online in the western market, today announced that it has invested nearly USD 20 million in 3 local game development studios, mainly Second Dive, Ocean Drive Studio, and Pathfinder8. The first 2 studio names are rough translations as there are no official websites or English names yet. The specific form and amount invested into each studio is not specified. Here are some details of the 3 studios which will be part of Kakao Games’ local and global push in 2020.

Second Dive – Founded in 2019 by CEO Seung-Chul Ban who played a prominent role in the development and growth of Dark Avenger under Nexon. The team is currently developing an open world action RPG for the mobile platform.

Ocean Drive Studio – Founded in 2019 by Kim Hee-jae who played a prominent role in the development and growth of FIFA Online 1/2 and Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao. The team is currently working on a “global strategic RPG” title.

Pathfinder8 – Founded in 2015 by a former Smilegate executive, Pathfinder8 is the only studio on the list which had launch a product, the mobile MMORPG known as Kaiser under Nexon. The team is now working on Kaiser 2 under the guidance of producer Nam Gung-gon who led the development of Lineage 2 while still in NCsoft.

XLGAMES – The studio which made ArcheAge is not part of this investment round, but it was acquired by Kakao Games a few weeks back. You can find out more here.