Fallout Shelter Online – English version of Fallout Shelter “sequel” announced

Gaea Mobile Limited, a Chinese mobile games publisher which also launches English titles as a part-time hobby, recently announced its next new mobile title, Fallout Shelter Online. Set to launch in the near future in English, Korean, and Japanese languages, Fallout Shelter Online is based on the popular Fallout IP from Bethesda Softworks and developed by China-based Shengqu Games, formerly Shanda Games. Pre-registration has now officially started!

Note: At this time, Fallout Shelter Online is specifically prepared for Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. Unfortunately, it is not available for pre-registration for gamers from the United States.

App Store pre-register
Google Play pre-register


Touted as the “sequel to Fallout Shelter,” the game actually adds many new features to the original, but at the same time implemented many new money sinks as well, such as various character gachas and packages. We actually tried Fallout Shelter Online during its initial Closed Beta phase in China, so check out the article here! We are not sure what has since changed from 2017 though, but I wouldn’t bet against even more money pits. Stay tuned!