Nexon – Latest financial presentation shows SINoALICE is still in the pipeline

Nexon today released its financial results for the 4th quarter of 2019 (from October to December), and we were surprised to see that SINoAlice is still in the pipeline. A game from Square Enix developed by Pokelabo, it was slated for a global launch back in 2019 but had to pause its proceedings as Nexon laid off many employees in its USA offices. The official reason for the infinite delay was down to the “localization quality” being “nowhere near perfect.” Since then, there have been no updates. Will SINoAlice launch in 2020?

Note: While Nexon is a South Korea company, it is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, so technically its headquarters is in Japan.

Other notable games still included in the 2020 pipeline include Final Fantasy XI R², Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile, and the cross-platform title KartRider: Drift. As for the actual financial performance of Nexon, it actually saw an overall increase in net income for the full year despite the 4th quarter seeing a drastic drop due to severe under-performance. If you missed the new, Nexon sold its Japanese subsidiary gloop for just 1 Japanese Yen. Ouch.