Gravity – Studio makes massive annual profit off popular Ragnarok Online IP

South Korean game developer Gravity Corp, the company behind the Ragnarok Online series of games, today announced its latest financial results. For the whole year of 2019, it has achieved an operating profit of around USD 41.5 million, an increase of 45.5% when compared to the whole year of 2018. Gravity’s earnings have increased every year since 2016 when it first turned a profit. Gravity has turned a corner with these huge numbers!

The strategy of allowing 3rd party developers to make a slew of games based on the Ragnarok Online IP has certainly reaped in dividends for the once-struggling company. Several Ragnarok titles are slated to launch this year, as previously previewed at G-Star 2019, including a new PC MMO title as well! As for expansion, Gravity most recently opened a development studio in Thailand named Gravity Game Tech. Stay tuned for more updates!