Gravity – Several new Ragnarok games announced for G-Star 2019

With G-Star 2019 arriving, more details from the bigger exhibitors are being made public, and today we have none other than Gravity, the company behind Ragnarok Online. While I believe the company itself is not doing much active development after the failure of Ragnarok Online 2, it has licensed the Ragnarok IP to many 3rd party developers, such as the more recent Eternal Love. With that said, here is a quick look at the game announced for the annual G-Star show. Oh, Gravity has the 7th largest booth, just behind the bigwigs.

Ragnarok Origin (Mobile)

Before I begin, please note that I do not know which one of these games is Love at First Sight or the latest New Start!. As expected, Ragnarok Origin is a mobile MMORPG, and the description just mentioned how it will recreate the original Ragnarok Online with “high level graphics.” The teaser trailer does not help at all, since it is totally computer animated.

I am guessing this is Love at First Sight based on the first screenshots below, but as already mentioned, nothing is confirmed. I guess you will have to stay tuned for updates!

Ragnarok X New Generation (Mobile)

Off the bat I knew this is New Start! as the anime trailer below gave the answer away. Renamed to Ragnarok X New Generation for the South Korea market, this mobile MMORPG is made by the same Chinese team behind Eternal Love. You can head over to my previous coverage of the Chinese Closed Beta right over here to see more actual gameplay.

Ragnarok Crusade: Midgard Chronicles (PC)

Holy shit, a new PC MMORPG based on Ragnarok Online announced in 2019?! Well I couldn’t believe it at first too. From the little details I have, it seems that this is a PVP-centric game which takes place 100 years ago before the original Ragnarok Online (which is not very far), during a time where the conflict between Rune Midgardz and the Republic of Schwaldzwald was at its deepest. Here are some screenshots for you to keep guessing!

Eurachacha Assault Ragnarok 2 (HTML5)

The first game was a HTML5 title, which was also available on mobile devices. From what I see from the Google Play version, the original was not liked by the Korean players. Oh, it was not launched overseas as well. Will the direct sequel be any different? I doubt so.

Ragnarok Tactics (Mobile)

This game was announced for Thailand recently, and it seems to be a mixture of traditional turn-based tactics with the more recent “auto battle” fad. Ragnarok Tactics is PVP focused, but with the feature to hunt MVP monsters as well. It does seem to have quite a number of different modes rather than sticking to just one. A good effort from Gravity and its partner.

Here are the accompanying screenshots. They are not much, but you can at least get a clear picture of Ragnarok Tactics.

The Lost Memories: Valkyrie Songs (Mobile)

A mobile game based on the Ragnarok IP, but without that identity in the game name. Interesting. But at the same time, I am starting to feel lost and confused with this saturation of Ragnarok titles. I do not have details on The Lost Memories: Valkyrie Songs, except that players can collect new characters while on their journey. Stay tuned for more.

Here are the game screenshots released by Gravity. I couldn’t really tell much, except it looks oddly similar to the original Ragnarok Online. Is Gravity reusing art assets? Hmn…

The others

So, I will not go through every title, but the rest are new updates for existing Ragnarok games such as Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Eternal Love, and Eurachacha Assault Ragnarok. A couple of new casual titles were revealed as well, though not worth mentioning. Gravity might have positioned itself as the surprise G-Star 2019 package with all the new games!