Blade & Soul Complete – Frontier World server arriving as part of Unreal Engine 4 upgrade

On February 26, the Korean server of Blade & Soul will welcome a new phase to the Unreal Engine 4 upgrade, titled Frontier World. As a new server, Frontier World will not just have gorgeous graphics, but also see the revamp of the overall character growth and battle system. It was touted that Frontier World has “different systems” with the current existing servers. In some ways, Frontier World is a reforged version of Blade & Soul, something which Blizzard failed to do so. Local media claimed that NCsoft will introduce a “new combat system” as well, but we can’t actually tell even with the fancy 4K game trailers.

Note: The previous servers will henceforth be known as “Live World,” with the new ones known as “Frontier World.” Both worlds will run on Unreal Engine 4.