Lord of Heroes – Clover Games reveals its first hero collection mobile RPG

New Korean studio Clover Games today announced its first mobile RPG, Lord of Heroes. Founded in 2018 by a former VP of SMARTSTUDY (maker of Monster Super League), Clover Games managed to attract around USD 9 million of investment during its early days. From what we can see from the debut game trailer, Lord of Heroes has a focus on collecting characters, with the combat system utilizing the familiar “stand still and use skill” format.

Clover Games claim that characters will not be obtained through the vicious gacha cycle, but apparently purchasable as a full character or obtained through gameplay. This is somewhat similar to what Heroes X Academy is offering for a non-gacha character system. Hopefully this feature will become a trend in 2020! Lord of Heroes enters its first “Frontier Test” later this month in South Korea with an eye for a future global launch. Stay tuned!