A3: Still Alive – Netmarble talks more about hybrid mobile title at media event

Over the past few months, we have posted several articles about A3: Still Alive, the upcoming MMORPG and battle royale hybrid mobile game from Netmarble. We managed to ask Netmarble a few questions about A3: Still Alive as well last month! Earlier today, the team held a press conference together with developer IDEA Games to talk more about their plans for the hybrid title. As usual, seen below are some of the key details which we chose. A3: Still Alive is now scheduled to launch on an unknown date this March in South Korea.

● Netmarble is challenging the market with something new in A3: Still Alive as a hybrid of the 2 most popular genres in the mobile market now, MMORPG and battle royale.

● The CEO of IDEA Games worked on the original PC version of A3 some 17 years ago.

● The MMORPG component of A3: Still Alive is very similar to that of the PC version, as players will be guided by spirits to embark on an adventure to save the world.

● Players will experience battle royale content in the middle of their story adventure as well, rather than just being a standalone PVP mode.

● The 5 playable classes are all damage dealers (DPS), with a unique mix of ranged, melee, magic, physical, and survival skills.

● A mercenary system call “Soul Linker” is in the game as well. From what I read, this provides players with 3 types of mercenaries: Attack, Defense, and Support. There are 3 mercenary slots, which is pretty generous! So think of this as 3 AI characters helping you in battles, especially PVE.

● Mentioned previously, “Dark Presence” is the unlimited and real-time PvP battle royale mode. When the darkness falls and the red moon rises, the players are divided into insane and sane camps to have a large-scale battle. This content supports 100 vs 100 battle, players must constantly fight each other for victory in a team-point competition.

● As one can expect from a battle royale game, experience points and rewards will be given out based on PVP performance.

● Don’t worry, equipment from PVE and battle royale are not connected, so high level players will not be wearing +100 gears slaying everyone. Fairness is key here.

● Netmarble plans to start an esports league for A3: Still Alive in the 4th quarter of 2020.

Media FAQ with Netmarble

● Netmarble is planning to launch A3: Still Alive to the global market, and acknowledge that games now are breaking barriers between platforms, especially PC and mobile. However, the main focus now is still on mobile.

● A3: Still Alive took 3 years and around 120 employees to develop.

● Intensive testings took place internally before settling on the 30 vs 30 battle royale number. 50 vs 50 was a strong contender as well.

● A Battle Pass system is being prepared for the the battle royale mode.