Onmyoji – Rumors claim that live action movie has started filming

As NetEase continues to expand its Onmyoji franchise, with recent launches such as Onmyoji: Yokai House, Onmyoji Chess, and Onmyoji: The Card Game, it is definitely not taking its eyes off other media opportunities. According to unconfirmed rumors, approval has been given by the Chinese government to start filming the movies based on Onmyoji. You read it right, there are actually 2 movies planned, each with a different title although the term “Onmyoji” was not attached to either. Seen right below are the 2 approval notices.

According to the descriptions the first movie will see Abe no Seimei, the franchise’s protagonist, head to Heavenly Capital to take part in a holy festival as part of his dead master’s final words. There, he got to know Minamoto no Hiromasa, and the both of them uncovered a plot hundreds of years old to exterminate humanity. The second movie will be a continuation where both of them are tasked to protect 4 important government officials.

As mentioned earlier, these are all just rumors for now even with the official notices from the government. There have even been alleged photos of the director shooting the films right now. The main man behind the camera is Guo Jingming, a young writer and director. He doesn’t seem to have many hits under his belt though. Anyways, just take all these details with a heavy pinch of salt, and stay tuned for any official information coming soon!