Echoes of Pandora – Quick look at new anime girls + tanks mobile game from China

Even though the Chinese developer is not really an indie team since it has already launched a few other games in China, we decided to label the game as indie since the studio is not really well-known. Echoes of Pandora is a game focused on building teams from tanks, each piloted by a different female anime character. But that is not all to the game, as there are various tactical elements which make the gameplay stand out. For example, non-tank characters are hard to get, and they are the only ones capable of destroying landmines.

There are differences in the tanks types as well, such as their size and bullet types, which essentially is the weakness system (similar to elemental resistance etc). While most maps will require no deaths for a 3-star score, the main objective is still not to lose the leader unit. This is where the various formations come alive, tweaking real-time when required. Oddly enough, the leader unit is unlocked through gameplay, rather than just plain gacha.

With up to 2 teams available during mid-game, players will be able to use 8 characters in each team (minus the 1 leader), thus making good use of all those gacha characters. I am told that further one, players can form a full team of a certain tank type to fully capitalize on the multi-team system in the PVE maps. As usual, we did not manage to play deep enough for PVP mode, but we are guessing it should be fun as well. Echoes of Pandora has not launch in China, and we doubt we will see it overseas. But still, stay tuned for updates!