Dungeon & Goddess – Worst mobile RPG we tried this year launches worldwide on Google Play

If you followed this website over the past 10 years, you would know that I gladly try out indie games and hopefully help them spread the word. Some are bad and I don’t post anything, but Dungeon & Goddess is so bad that I had to post about it. Developed by Korean studio Nadiasoft, the team is touted as consisting of veterans with 15 years of experience working on games like Audition and Million Arthur. But still, being an indie studio does not grant the right to launch such a shitty game such as Dungeon & Goddess.

Google Play

Other than maintaining MMO Culture as a hobby, I have actually worked in several small publishers and game studios. Here are some points which really irritated and pissed me off.

● Inconsistent art-style which gave me a massive eyesore
● Text fonts are not designed, using a very basic font, especially for skills
● Unclear storyline at the start and what role players have
● Does not show enemy element type before entering normal dungeons
● Missing text, such as in Boss Fight where I do not know why I can’t enter
● More time spent on creating cash bundles than making a good game
● Many more which I can’t remember as I am busy deleting this game from my memory

Korean studios have always maintained a high standard when it comes to F2P game development, even for indie studios. Heck, look at what the smaller teams in China are churning out these days! I do know it is hard to develop games with limited budget, and no offense to Nadiasoft, but Dungeon & Goddess is a pile of steaming shit. And they even tested the game in “Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, as well as Korea, in order to improve the sense of fun and game elements,” as quoted from the press release! Shit.