Blade & Soul – Part One of Unreal Engine 4 update arrives next week

As with most major game updates for Korean titles, they are usually separated into different parts. For the “Complete” update of Blade & Soul switching to Unreal Engine 4, it seems that developer NCsoft has split it into 2 parts, with Part One arriving next week on 11 December, with Part Two yet to be dated. Other than the graphics overhaul, there are new NPCs, world regions, and a new dungeon as well. Here is a teaser trailer right below!

Blade & Soul – Mount system and more being planned after Unreal Engine 4 update

For the new dungeon, it seems that the development team has been inspired by the Chinese Monkey King myth, as seen with the boss and map design (should be based on Mount Huaguo). That is all for now, so stay tuned for more details on this massive update!