Re: Zero – INFINITY – Quick look at new anime mobile RPG developed for Chinese market

To be honest, I have not seen a single episode of the anime before, but I have heard good things about Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World along with many memes and GIFs. I would place this game, Re: Zero – INFINITY, under the “odd” category (with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) as I do not see that there is a huge market in China, something which I might be wrong. What’s more, developer Skymoons is not a huge name in China, with the listed key features of Re: Zero – INFINITY all related to the anime and not the gameplay.

Re: Zero – INFINITY is essentially a simple turn-based mobile game brought to live by the vibrant characters, locations, and story. Forming teams of 3, with 3 more as backup supporters if any one is defeated, there isn’t really much to the game. Convenience features such as auto-raid is not available, meaning to farm for those upgrade materials, players would have to manually re-enter maps. Re: Zero – INFINITY is only licensed to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, so it is very unlikely to see a wider launch.