Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos – New mobile strategy RPG based on classic IP launches

Ubisoft recently announced the official launch of Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos on iOS and Android devices. Developed by Chinese studio Playcrab, the game brings fantasy universe of Heroes of Might & Magic in a deep strategy gameplay experience. Featuring nine modes, the game offers players near-endless challenges as they build an army of iconic Might and Magic heroes and creatures. The game’s strategic gameplay requires constant analysis of the battlefield. Players have to select units to position them tactically on the battlefield prior to battle, and unlock heroes and units from an expanding roster.

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Each hero and unit belongs to a Might & Magic faction: Castle – faction of humankind, Inferno – faction of demons or Necropolis, the faction of the Undead. Understand the unique abilities of each faction and unit to craft the best army. Answer the Queen’s call, march to war alongside Queen Catherine Ironfist and restore the kingdom of Erathia, which has fallen into dark forces. Other single-player modes include the Trial of Angels, a multi-floor arena with increasing difficulty and rewards, 95 extra missions of the Underground and special PvE modes (Crypt, Dwarven treasury and Dragon Utopia) for special items.

Players can also challenge rivals in one of the few PvP modes available. Engage in frantic duels in the Arena, join real-time synchronous combat in the Duel of Champions (a weekly season-based ranked arena) or enter pure strategic battles in Duel of Heroes. In addition, players can team up with like-minded adventurers in Guilds. Explore together the huge world map overflowing with rare artifacts, chests and hordes of demons and enemies.

Still hungry for more? Join Guild Wars, face two other Guilds and climb to the top of the weekly leaderboards with your guild mates. Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos is available to download now for free on iOS and Android. The game is released worldwide except in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Players who pre-registered via the website of the game or Google Play will receive their reward directly within the game.