MARVEL Realm of Champions – First house preview highlights Patriot Garrison

First announced back in October, Marvel Realm of Champions is an upcoming mobile title by Kabam where players will align with Marvel-inspired factions known as “Houses” and team up with friends for real-time action arena combat against enemies and other players on Battleworld. Today, the first “House” is introduced, Patriot Garrison. More details below!

Patriot Garrison

House Information:

Located in a strategic position among some of the most powerful Houses in Battleworld, the Patriot Garrison consider themselves to be a force for justice. Led by the legendary hero Civil Warrior, punished for leading a rebellion, they were frozen in time by the Maestro for almost 100 years, and are only now retaking their rightful place among the Houses.

Baron Peggy Carter Information:

President Peggy Carter is the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the Patriot Garrison, and of the several Territories therein. As such, she exercises supreme operational commands and may enter into treaties with or declare war upon other nations. The President is elected by popular vote every four years with no term limits.

Peggy Carter was present when Steve Rogers underwent the procedure to become the first Captain America. She was injured in the line of duty during The Serum Wars and was given the serum in order to save her life, but lost an eye in the attack.

During the Rebellion Against Maestro, Peggy used Rogers’ shield to mount a surprise attack upon the Maestro which led to him freeze the entire Patriot Garrison territory in time until his death, over 100 years later.