Girl Gun Cafe 2 – Quick look at new mobile team shooter focused on girls and guns

To be honest, I am not sure if this is an indie mobile game since the developer team is basically named “Girl Gun Cafe Production Team”, and it might be an internal group under Chinese games heavyweight Seasun. But no matter, we are here today to take a first look at Girl Gun Cafe 2, and yes, unfortunately the original game did not make it out of China. Literally as described in the title, the game has 3 core features: Girl, Gun, and Cafe. This might be the Chinese mobile game I enjoyed most so far this year out of the many I tried!

To summarize, players form teams of 3 girls, each with different gun types, and take on rogue enemies. 2 team members will be controlled by the game AI, which is awesome. Yes, gacha is involved, but at least there is no VIP system. As for cafe, these girls actually work part time in one, with players having to interact with them like a dating simulator such as dressing them in costumes, reply their mobile messages, give them gifts, pat them… No there is nothing creepy at all, trust me. Hopefully Seasun continues its global expansion!