GYEE – New LGBTQ mobile RPG launches in Southeast Asia and Taiwan

So, after announcing on Facebook that there isn’t any interesting news to start the week with, I received a message from a reader introducing this mobile RPG known as GYEE. Upon closer look, GYEE is actually aimed at the LGBTQ gaming community. I am not sure if this is a gimmick, seeing that it is a Southeast Asia version, a region where homosexuality is not really embraced yet. Still, GYEE seems to have a RPG-like gameplay, with players forming their teams by recruiting Gyees. As you would have guessed, Gyees are… gays.

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Developer Kiwifruit Studio, apparently from Taiwan, stated that “almost 1 in every 20 is a Gyee” in the fictional world of Luxium. The choices which players make “will help them through hard time when they are misunderstood or discriminated against.” According to news from Taiwan, the game will be taking part in the upcoming Taiwan Pride parade. What do you think about GYEE? Is is actually a good game to represent the LGBTQ community?