Gran Saga – Teaser trailer released for new MMORPG from former Seven Knights staff

First announced just last month, new South Korean developer NPIXEL today revealed the first trailer and images for its upcoming epic MMORPG, Gran Saga. Started by a team of former Seven Knights staff, Gran Saga is being made as a game playable on both mobile devices and PC to reduce platform limitations. Crafted using Unreal Engine 4, the game tells a story of adventurers traveling the world seeking out the powerful Gran Weapons.

4 characters have been announced so far, with more on the horizon. If it is anything similar to Seven Knights, this is just the very beginning. Also note that each character has an elemental symbol beside them. I am guessing this plays a huge role during actual battles.

Finally, a look at the Gran Weapons. There are 20 of them announced as seen below, but who are the characters beside each weapon? I am guessing these are their humanoid forms, something similar to weapon spirits or… pets? We will have to wait to find out more.