GameStart Asia 2019 – MARVEL Super War to attend annual gaming event in Singapore

[GameStart tickets] The annual GameStart Asia games convention begins next weekend in Singapore, and other than the upcoming Avengers games, it was announced that MARVEL Super War will make an appearance as well. An upcoming Free-to-Play MOBA for mobile devices, MARVEL Super War is being developed by China’s number 2 games company, NetEase, based on Marvel’s massive lineup of iconic heroes and villains. We do wonder if a launch schedule or new characters will be shown at the event… Stay tuned for all updates!

Back in May this year, there was actually a Closed Beta phase for MARVEL Super War held for a couple of weeks. We would argue the game is more like in its Alpha stage, since it is really quite bare-bones. The concept is really great, but there needed to be heavy upgrades on features such as graphics, animations, and more player account features. Nevertheless, we enjoyed playing the game, and here are some of the gameplay videos we recorded.