Black Desert Mobile – Starting gameplay preview of Korean server before global launch

With Black Desert Mobile seemingly on the verge of its global launch, I thought it would be good to showcase what players might expect from the first 30 minutes of the game. I did not play much of the Korean server, since Black Desert Mobile is a title I wish to spend time on in the English server. Powered by developer Pearl Abyss’ proprietary game engine, even the character creation system goes beyond what other flagship mobile MMORPG titles could offer even until now. Do note that there will not be as many class during the global launch.

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As mentioned above, this is just a 30-minute showcase of Black Desert Mobile’s starting experience. There are many high-level Korean videos on Youtube, but it would be best to save up to experience the thrill yourself. The one thing which Black Desert Mobile can’t do is a seamless open-world which recent new mobile MMORPG titles have revealed, but it should not be a major deterrence. Pre-register now and see you soon in the global server!