Lineage 2M – World map for upcoming mobile MMORPG revealed

With Lineage 2M set to launch this coming winter in South Korea, developer NCsoft today revealed a major element of the ambitious mobile MMORPG – the world map. Starting off, only the port region of Gludio is looked into, but it is important to note that players will be here for at least the first 30 levels of the game. From a flourishing port town to cemetery and the harsh desert, Gludio serves as the starting point for all players. In case you missed my past articles on Lineage 2M, the game takes place before the main story of Lineage 2.

Like most of the regions and areas, Gludio can also be found in the PC MMORPG version. With over 3 million pre-registrations obtained in the space of 5 days (as NCsoft touts), Lineage 2M is officially supported on PC systems through NCsoft’s upcoming emulator, Purple. Gmeplay is cross-platform, meaning mobile and PC gamers share the same servers! There is currently no word on an overseas launch yet, so stay tuned for more information.