Tree of Savior – Nexon drops publishing duty of Japan server back to IMC Games

Yesterday, Nexon announced that the Japan server for Tree of Savior will close later this year on 27 November. Instead of a game shut down, player data will be passed to Tree of Savior’s developer, IMC Games, which will become the new publisher. However, as IMC Games is preparing for the new service, there is no date given other than “by 2019.” It is currently unknown if this change of publisher is due to the recent internal turmoil at Nexon.

While we have heard how the Nexon offices in South Korea and North America have been affected, the Japanese headquarters (Nexon is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange) does not seem to have any negative news or movements. IMC Games doesn’t seem to have a local Japanese office, but it has been operating the global Tree of Savior server from its South Korean office for years now, so technically it should not pose a major problem for the team.