Forsaken World – PC MMORPG dives into the mobile world for a second time

A few years ago, Perfect World Entertainment launched a mobile game based on its PC MMORPG, titled Forsaken World Mobile. The game bombed hard on the global market, with totally no fanfare or traction at all despite the PC version garnering some hype. Forward to 2019, and a new mobile version of Forsaken World, simply titled Forsaken World, launched in Taiwan last week. If you ask me, Forsaken World (2019) is an even better game than Perfect World Mobile, which in my opinion stinks. Here is a quick dive into Forsaken World!

First, the obvious negative from the start includes the gender and race-locked classes. I am not so much into this feature, since the limitation is to make sure Forsaken World is not 10 GB in size and cause massive lag on the battlefields since the connection has to render so many different characters. It makes up with the typical in-depth character customization feature though. I do know a little lore about Forsaken World (PC version), and apparently this new mobile version is a prequel as we see the founding fathers of each race. Cool!

If you have played several games developed by Perfect World, you would have noticed there is this similarity across all of its MMORPG titles, which includes tons of gameplay features, extravagant pets and mounts, and just this… “Perfect World” vibe. There is no exception in Forsaken World. The only key issue which bugged me is how the game keeps throwing discount bundles and offers at players shamelessly, to the point where it is close to harassment. There is also the Prestige system, which is actually the old-school VIP, a feature which certainly needs to be removed for any western launch. Stay tuned for news!