Brown Dust – New companions and Mid-Autumn Festival event arrives

Brown Dust, the popular mobile strategy RPG from Neowiz, is getting into the fall spirit this month with the arrival of its Mid-Autumn Festival from now to 14:59 Sept 16 (UTC), and four brand new Companions! Additionally, the update will introduce French and Spanish language support. Players will be delighted by a generous increment of Login Bonuses, including many Free Recruits, Horseshoes, Honor Points, Rank-up Stars, and Diamonds.

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Player who enter Brown Dust on Sept 13th (UTC) and receive even greater rewards, including a ★5 Rank-up Star. Additionally, Jayden’s Mooncake Gift Box event will provide all players with a chance to get a ★5 Skill Book, Diamonds, Legend Scrolls, among other items! Participate in Arena, Novice Arena, Rune Temple, and Campaign to help Jayden make enough Mooncakes to fill his gift box, and everyone can reap handsome rewards!

Brown Dust’s new Companions are a force to be reckoned with, and make a great addition to any player’s existing lineup:

Kallea (Kaoli’s Companion) – Changes Kaoli’s Weaken Counter to a Reflect Counter that deals damage to her attacker, and greatly increases her Max HP.

Veena (Dalvi’s Companion) Grants Dalvi a massive defense bonus while transformed, and increases her attack reach to 3 slots vertically once leveled to +15.

Yera (Niya’s Companion) – Increases Niya’s damage dealt on Critical Hits, and adds Bleeding.

Nephir (Alicia’s Companion) – Provides Alicia an overall increase in base stats, and replaces her Freeze Counter with Taunt Ignore.