Peria Chronicles – Nexon confirms cancellation of ambitious MMORPG

First announced in 2012 as Project NT, it was confirmed today that Nexon has stopped the development of Peria Chronicles. A project under subsidiary studio Thingsoft, Peria Chronicles most recently had a debut test phase in May for a small selected group of players. During its announcement, a massive sandbox world was promised with players having the freedom to create dungeons,towns, user interface, and even brand-new worlds.

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The cancellation was acknowledged by Nexon to the South Korean game websites, first being talked about by employees who were left in limbo due to the recent internal restructuring. Nexon has reportedly spent over USD 8 million on the game’s development thus far. According to ThisIsGame, Nexon told them that the project was canned after internal and external tests feedback concluded that the game “could not satisfy the users.”