Nexon – 2 western subsidiaries are shutting down due to internal restructuring

Following the shift to Embark Studios leading Nexon’s future growth in North America and Europe, big changes have happened. Both Nexon M and Nexon’s Division Partners Office are being closed by the end of this month, with many developers and staff without work despite some moving to other units within Nexon. Nexon’s Division Partners Office provided live operations, QA, community management, marketing, production, and publishing support for three games in the West: Mabinogi, Rocket Arena, and one unannounced title.

According to a previous post from senior recruiter Richard Diaz-Villanueva on LinkedIn, Nexon M, Nexon America’s Emeryville, California-based publishing office, is also due to close down this month, leaving a number of developers with experience in product management, marketing, customer service, QA, finance, and more without employment. As reported last month, Nexon is merging all mobile, PC, and console games units into a streamlined group, something Nexon acknowledged when answering the western media. This LinkedIn post from former Production Manager, Chris Jung, sheds more details as well.