Nexon – Korean gaming giant rumored to have big internal merger next month

According to the Korean media, Nexon will merge both its mobile and PC games business units next month in a major overhaul. This is rumored to be due to the canceled sale of Nexon, as no satisfactory price was offered during the sale period. According to insider quotes, there will be no layoffs and no big changes to the current work processes. Through this merger of 2 core business units, Nexon is looking to weed out projects with low commercial value, improve the company’s operating profits, and increase its stock value.

According to an alleged Nexon statement, the restructuring will help the company “flexibly respond to the trend of the rapidly-changing games market by providing a quicker decision-making system in an environment where the platform divisions between online and mobile games becomes meaningless.” Do note that these are all business rumors right now, and more details will be provided next month if this merge does indeed happen. Stay tuned!

Update 1: On 30 July, 1 day after this report, Nexon has officially said that the reorganization is indeed happening in August. More details will be provided at a later date.

Update 2: The merger finally happened, first affecting the North America offices.