PUBG – Developer steps in to clean up messy tournament held in Thailand

According to recent reports from esports players and foreign websites, the PUBG MET Asia Series held over the weekend was an absolute mess lacking in both technical aspects and sportsmanship. The event was so bad that PUBG Corp, the game developer (not organizer), had to issue a statement and remove a wildcard slot. So what did happened over there?

In case we did not mention, the PUBG MET Asia Series took place in Thailand. Here are some accusations from the foreign media, mostly the China outlets:

• Venue’s power went off, causing all systems to go offline. An important game was being played when this happened. After restarting, the PCL China team which had a clear advantage did not perform well and fell behind. The organizer (PUBG Corp) subsequently gave out points as compensation without discussing with the teams.

• When the PCL China team was playing with the SEA team (Thailand), some of the audience were providing the local team with tips. It is not know how, but apparently they were shouting them out which was audible from the stage.

• There were issues with the earphones/ headphones provided at the tournament.

• The Korean team was also accused of cheating, although there wasn’t concrete evidence.

• On the 3rd day of the event, 7 out of the 16 teams left the competition.