Dragon Ball: Legend of Time and Space – PC MMORPG based on global IP spotted at ChinaJoy

While we knew all along there are several mobile games based on Dragon Ball IP in the works, we totally missed out on the PC version, 龙珠时空传说 (or loosely translated to Dragon Ball: Legend of Time and Space). An officially-licensed PC MMORPG from Bandai Namco, the developer is Giant Network based in Shanghai. In case you did not know, it is one of the larger games developer below the tier of Tencent and NetEase. We came to know about Dragon Ball: Legend of Time and Space as it was showcased at ChinaJoy 2019.

Strangely enough, only the Taiwanese media Bahamut is reporting on this game, and we could not find any videos about its ChinaJoy appearance in the Chinese gaming media. Dragon Ball: Legend of Time and Space last had a Closed Beta test earlier this May. This game brought back some levels of nostalgia, as we once played the first MMORPG based on the IP, Dragon Ball Online, many years ago by Netmarble (yes it used to make PC games!)

There isn’t a lot of details going around right now, so here are some quick details we can make out from the 2nd part of the video above:

• There are 4 playable races: Saiyan, Earthling, Majin, and Namekian

• The Majin race in this game has the highest defense against damage, and the game description says its role is “melee defense.” Their control skills make them unique too.

• The Namekian race’s designated role is “long range support,” and specializes in regenerative skills.

• The other 2 races are yet to be playable back in the January Closed Beta.

• The streamer mentioned that the game, in its first playable form, is worse than modern mobile games and would give it a score of 1 out of 10, followed by suggesting the team making this title should disband.

• There is currently no launch date for Dragon Ball: Legend of Time and Space, and the official website hasn’t been updated since May. Quite a surprise it was showcased at ChinaJoy with its own decorated booth!