Yokai Kitchen – Start your fantasy restaurant with some Yokai help

After a successful pre-registration period and soft-launch test phase, developer FriendTimes has opened the doors to Yokai Kitchen is now open for business in Southeast Asia! In Yokai Kitchen, players will become the boss of a restaurant located on the back of a giant flying turtle, and start a journey to build it into the most popular restaurant in the Spirit Realm.

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The employees of the restaurant are Yokai that players met during their journeys. Yokai are magical creatures evolved from various animals. They possess innate magical powers, but at the same time, have the same emotions as human beings, such as joy, anger, and sorrow. They may come from different clans or have different personalities, but at your call, they gather in this restaurant, work as chefs, waiters, or breeders. Together with them, players will be able to build the kitchen into the first restaurant in the Spirit Realm.

Between heaven and earth, there exists a magical world beyond human knowledge, which is called the Spirit Realm. It is a vast realm that consists of many regions. From the high peaks of Kunlun, to the deep ocean of Atlantis, each region has a unique environment, and breeds different inhabitants – Yokai and Foodimons. With Yokai companions, players can explore every region in the Spirit Realm and have the chance to meet many fantastic Yokai clans and unveil their origins, explore unknown areas, and harvest unexpected surprises!’

Absorbed spirit energy from the Spirit Realm itself, Foodimons are the most incredible creatures that have ever lived in this land. Such as Milky Piggy who sprays milk, Mushroom Chick who takes mushroom as a shelter, Tomato Shrimp who lives in a tomato. Defeat them and raise them in your farm, and you will be able to obtain various unheard-of ingredients, and with these ingredients, players can create their own exclusive cuisines!