Second Galaxy – A surprising space exploration mobile game

“Second Galaxy” launched its Open Beta on July 5 and is still ongoing. Space themed science fiction games are not common on mobile platforms, and there have been very few that offer players a perfect space exploration experience. “Second Galaxy” excels in recreating the feeling of exploring deep space, and gets players of all skill levels involved to start an intergalactic tour.

For space exploration, the major selling point of the game is a large world. The official promotion for “Second Galaxy” says there are more than 50,000 stars to explore, a number that is surprisingly large for a mobile game.

Meanwhile, the leagues players can join in the game are represented by superpowers. Currently, there are military, economic, religious groups as well as science and technology, all of which are important pillars in human history. However, these pillars have been sublimated in to create our game’s history to form a complete universe system. This is indeed a very interesting point.

Each superpower has its own behavior. Sometimes they fight with each other, while sometimes they are allies. Players can join these superpowers at any time and build up their power with like-minded players. The Neo-Europa Federation is caustic, arrogant, dogmatic, but within it lies a rigorous, romantic creed.

While the Economic Community of Dawn has abandoned a traditional form of government and is completely controlled by the economy. The Emperor of the Oracle Empire is a mystic superpower that combine divine power and royal power with religious beliefs. The Republic of Svarus is a nascent technological nation in the intergalactic states.

Looking at other game releases, it is difficult to combine a mobile game with a space Star Wars theme, but it is clear that the developers put in a great amount of effort doing technical research to conquer this challenge. Judging by the quality and earnestness of “Second Galaxy” so far, it may be a surprising new cosmic adventure for science fiction game fans. Be on the lookout for its official launch date and be one of the first to explore “Second Galaxy”.