Gigantic X – Sci-fi mobile action shooter launches worldwide

South Korean developer Action Square, renowned for their action mobile games such as Blade II: The Return of Evil, recently announced the global launch of its latest title Gigantic X. Gigantic X is a top-down shooter (similar to Diablo’s camera view) that takes place on intergalactic planets in a far future, where the human race and various alien species clash to secure resources and territories. Players becomes mercenaries of major companies and go on dangerous and exhilarating missions either alone, with friends, or with guild mates.

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The core gameplay philosophy of Gigantic X is about the thrill players get from manual action control. Every behavior and projectiles shot from alien enemies have distinctive patterns, hence players have to figure out solutions with subtle and timely controls. Keen observation while in combat is the key! In addition, Gigantic X brings diverse battle options to players, as the combination of characters and equipment requires different solutions for different battlefields and scenarios. There is hardly one type of team suitable for all battles!

Gigantic X features 3 distinctive characters, a pointman, a technician and a brawler, and 42 kinds of weapons/equipment. There are also 40 unique boss monsters each with different attacking patterns. There are 2 core modes in Gigantic X: Classic Stage and Multiplayer Co-op. Classic Stage mode lets players acquire materials for producing and upgrading equipment, while Multiplayer Co-op mode is mainly about obtaining better combat rewards.